be kind, who cares about rewind?


I took some time off from writing original posts.  If I could rewind the weekend, I still probably wouldn’t.  I spent nearly two days away from the internet.  It wasn’t a complete shutdown… I made quirky twitter comments here and there, but for the most part I was away.

What did I learn in that short span of “freedom”?

Not much.  Not much that I didn’t in some way already know.

There are some things in life that shouldn’t be rewound.  They’re special like diamonds are special… they’re rare.  Most of life is spent waiting for special.  There’s a lot of wait between specials.  A LOT.  If you rewind, you have to rewind through a lot of wait.  Not worth it… it’s NEVER as good as you remember.  Never.

I find myself thinking about the past all the time.  I do that because it’s my experience.  It’s what I have in the memory banks.  I can’t think about the future because it hasn’t happened yet.  I can think about writing this.  But they’re only moments.  Only moments.  Happy, sad, painful and joyful.  Life is nothing but moments.  Moments that break up the waiting. The long, long, stretches of waiting.

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