backside realizations…

backside of good

Without a backside, there’d be nothing but frontsides.  But, how does one determine it’s a frontside when there is no backside?  No backside… it’s nothing but a side.  See where I’m going with this?  If you do, great… send me an email and tell me because I sure don’t know.

We all have two sides.  The one in the back is useful for many different reasons.  We need them to sit.  We need them to give others something to watch as we walk away.  We also need them to learn.  A lot of living things think with them, which makes sitting for those individuals a dual purpose.  It gets our attention.  It surprises us when we least expect it.  It’s a burden and an asset.  An asset that will always be worth what you invest in it.

The biggest asset is also a liability.  The backside is the biggest target that others have of you.  There’s a reason why backsides don’t have eyes…they’d always be open and they’d always be bloodshot.

Ah backsides.  Be sure to take care of yours, before someone does it for you.

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