when the cuteness fades…

when the cuteness fades...

I honestly didn’t know I even had cuteness until it was gone.  To think, I wasted all that good material and got absolutely nothing for it.  But, that’s how the culture crumbles.  We like things that are overly attractive.  We like things that seem as though they’ll last forever but know they never will.  Cute animals turn into older animals that don’t get the attention they once got.  Sure, they’re cute in the commercials, the notepads, the posters etc…but the cute is over.  Way over.

I’ll never be cute again.  But in a way, I’m cool with that.  Maturity has some benefits as well.  When I get there I’ll try and figure out what those are.

One thought on “when the cuteness fades…

  • March 6, 2013 at 11:10 am

    How about some more special Bobs. Maybe some more superheros. Star Trek, Star Wars or better yet some Firefly. A brown coat Bob would be great.

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