izzy… the grumpy cat i live with…and my nightmare

grumpy grumpier cat...

You think Grumpy Cat is grumpy?  This is Izzy… a cat we live with… A cat that has never been happy about anything. I think when she was born, the happy was left in the other parts of the litter. She was grumpy before grumpy became the internet sensation. She will probably make a mark… and you will let her. If you won’t let her, she’ll do it anyway. Don’t expect a purr, don’t expect anything but nothing.

She makes my life a nightmare… I sleep with one eye open.  To this day One eyelid is shorter than another… because of this cat.

All that being said, how could you not love that face?  Because, if the truth is to be told, this is probably the last face I see before I die.

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