sarcasm is my uniform…deal with it…

sarcasm uniforn

A life without sarcasm would be a silent life indeed… at least for me.  In fact, my first language really isn’t English, it’s sarcasm.  I can throw down with the best of them… hold my own in any verbal duel.  Except… there are days when the tank just isn’t as full as it needs to be to finish the trip.  Those are the days that I am vulnerable for attack.  Even worse, those are the days that I WANT to attack but a lack of fuel keeps me silent.  I hate those days.  I hate those days with a passion.  That’s why I had Frank make up this little graphic.  I’m getting a t-shirt and I will wear it when the reserves are low.  But, when this shirt comes off this squirrel, you’d better pray to whatever Gods… because the sarcasm will make you wish you stayed away.  Oh yes.

sarcasm t-shirtI think everyone could benefit from this gift.  T-shirts are available.  Get one for those off days.  Treat yourself to some rest.