being the Pope…

pope squirrel comic

I admit it, it’d be kinda cool to be the Pope.  But, only if I didn’t have to deal with all the bad stuff.  I draw the line at bad stuff.  Over a billion people love you…leaving approximately six billion that don’t know, don’t care or possibly hate you.  No wonder the Pope looks the way he does.

I put my application in when Benedict XVI announced he was stepping down.  It probably didn’t get there in time to be considered…and they’re probably going to promote from within the organization… it saves time in training.  I should also mention that I’m not Catholic…which I didn’t think would be that big a deal… they’re not supposed to ask about religious affiliation on a job application anyway.

Today is Benedict’s last day.  I’m sure he aced his exit interview and cleaned out his desk.  He probably took some office supplies with him…which is fine because he now has time to hear his own confession.  I wonder if the priests and nuns in the office got him a last day cake?  Would they let the ex-Pope get the piece with the flower on it?

All things considered it’s probably just as well I didn’t get the gig.  I like to sleep in on Sundays.


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