Relaxing… on the inside…


I am relaxing on the inside.  Outside you can tell that the curtains do not match the drapes.  I’m online all the time… I’m an old squirrel constantly dating myself with what I know and what I don’t know.  How the changing times outside this window bothers me… and because it bothers me or I don’t understand it… I am compelled to make fun of it.  If I make fun of it funny enough people will like what I say and want to read more.  Or, they’ll get a chuckle and file me in the forgettable links list.  I don’t want that, but it’s a fact of this new life… that may or may not exist.

I’m rambling.  I know this.  I should be outside in a squirrel nest somewhere spending 20 hours of the day looking for food.  Instead I sit at this laptop, as some bearded glasses dude draws me.  Over and over and over.  I’d rather be here than there.  That’s for sure.  That’s for sure.

I’m just being grumpy… does that make you love me more?

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