Demand SQUIRREL WEEK on the Discovery Channel!



This started out as me being a smart alec, but now I want to see if The Discovery Channel is brave enough to do SQUIRREL WEEK!  Each year we are treated to the rite of television passage known as SHARK WEEK

Why can’t there be a SQUIRREL WEEK?  We got teeth.  We can be destructive.  We have teeth that are constantly growing.  We are cuter than sharks.  We have personality.  We can be seen without the possibility of getting wet.  We like peanuts.  We like fruit.  We like people when they like us.  We are good for a ton of different things.  We’re all over the place!  Some like us, some not so much.  There’s a lot to be learned.  Shark week has had 25 years… give the tree rats a week.  I would even host it.  I mean, what would or could be better than that?

Email Discovery, find them on Facebook and Twitter… let them know you’d like to see this.  This might just be me grasping at straws or empty walnut shells.  Nothing may even come of this… but, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

One thought on “Demand SQUIRREL WEEK on the Discovery Channel!

  • June 21, 2013 at 10:52 am

    I don’t know if I even get Discovery Channel but if I don’t, and they do Squirrel Week, I will upgrade my package plan to include Discovery! 🙂

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