voluminous ignorance…


Ignorance is loud.  Louder than Spinal Tap.  It’s fast too.  Ignorance moves at the speed of dumb.  The speed of dumb is about 3 mph slower than the speed of light.  I can’t believe that NASA has yet to develop a space transportation system that can achieve the speed of dumb.  It’s not like dumb is fueled by a precious metal or a special fuel.  Wait a minute… maybe they are.  You can interpret that any way you see fit.  I’m just a talking squirrel, what do I know?

I achieved the speed of dumb only once.  The only drawback to the speed of dumb is that you move so fast that it’s almost like you’re standing still.  Seriously!  It was because I was with a group that were also traveling that speed.  When everything around you has a constant velocity… the same velocity as you, it doesn’t seem like you’re moving.  Don’t take my word for it, it’s physics.

I think.

How fast are you moving?  Can you hear me over the ignorance?  I’m intentionally being vague to be inclusive.

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