legacy of a squirrel…

legacy of a fossil squirrel

You’re never too young to start thinking about your legacy… the stuff you’ll be leaving behind; both tangible and intangible.  I think about the stuff I leave behind all the time.  I mean, I think about this ALL THE TIME.

But no matter how well I craft it, one thing is always going to be true: it’ll all be open to interpretation.  I can say I was one way, but the clues I leave may lead someone to another conclusion.  Hopefully, the light on that one will be much more sympathetic and nicer than the one that I install.  In essence, it doesn’t what I leave behind, no one is going to listen to me anyway.

I think a vast majority of the working stiffs out there really don’t think about legacy… and that’s a shame.  Who has time to do that when you’re struggling to make the mortgage?  What’s left?

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