from snot to philosophy… a tribute…

snot to philosophy

It can’t be easy… snot one minute, philosophy the next.  I have to hand it to Frank, the cartoonist I adopted… he is a lot of things.  The one thing he’s not is lazy.  Sure, there are many things he doesn’t want to do and puts off… but that doesn’t mean lazy… it means selective.  I won’t lie though… there are some days where he can be a total jerk… so much so that I’d love nothing more than to bite him right on the nose (you probably thought I was going to say another anatomical area… if you did, you’re sick… and please continue reading).

The man needs a break.  A big break, a little break, a coffee break… maybe even a lunch break…

The life of a cartoonist is a mostly solitary one.  He spends so much time alone at that drawing board…even if his drawing board was a two seater… still, he’d be by himself.  Some days, he just cranks stuff out and never looks up.  Other days he can’t get a good idea going and ALL he does is look up.  It’s not easy living with him, with Lezley, Lauren and the menagerie of crazy dogs and cats that seem to inhabit every corner of this little house…but so what?  Living is living.  There have to be a few creases in the tablecloth…if there weren’t any, how would you know where to put the plates and silverware?

As I type this, I can Frank trying to get some snot going.  The flu finally got him.  I’m sure he’s thinking philosophy every time he looks into those phlegm filled tissues.  Wouldn’t you?

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