rules and whatever…

rules and cartoons

Rules are in place because people have a tendency to be morons.  Yes, I used the “m” word… deal with it.  The problem is, rules are made by people.  You see the issue?

I’m not saying that I always am by the book, to the letter.  But, I like to think that I’m 98% there.  I know rules are rules for good reasons.  Mainly to keep everyone from eating each other alive, safety, comfort and one less thing to think about every single day.

So why does it seem as though the notion of following a rule lately seems like a burden to some?  I don’t like that, so I’ll ignore it or I am the exception… Do you know how cracked walnut on a hot summer afternoon screaming until my tail falls of crazy that makes me?  It’s not hard to follow a guide.  It’s actually quite respectful.  And, if you do follow a rule, why should you be rewarded for doing so?  You’re doing what you’re supposed to do.  You don;t get medals for breathing do you?  Why?  BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

I have another headache.  I need to stop thinking about this stuff…but I can’t help it when it starts cutting in on my action and infringing on my chosen path.  BACK OFF!

And follow the rules… Please?

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