Tabloid reality tv for the world

tabloid reality tv for the world squirrel

Why do so many dig reality tv?

Because it’s REAL, right?

C’mon.  I’m more real than any of that refuse (I wanted to use a swear word in place of ‘refuse’, but I have an image to maintain) I’ll admit, even I at a certain point desired my reality be televised.  Why should I miss out on that gravy train?  I love gravy.  If i had a gravy train I’d be getting loaf upon loaf of bread to sop all that gooey goodness up.  You don’t get gravy without any meat.  I don’t know how that applies, but it sounded good.

The thing of it is, if all the reality shows in the universe were to be banned tomorrow, chaos would reign.  Not because the masses of fans would be rioting in the streets, but that there would be nothing out there to replace what was taken.  It’d be Thunderdome time.

If this comes off sounding like jealousy, good.  I admit it.  I act a fool everyday online… might as well get an energy drink deal or a music contract out of it.  Acting like a fool for ten weeks to set myself up for life?  Wherever the signing needs to be signed, let me sign.  I’ll hate myself in the morning… but I’ll get over it.

It sends the wrong impression to impressionable young ones… Why work? Work ethic? Wait, let me google that.  Nah, all I need to do is get on a reality tv show.  I don’t need to work any harder than it takes to get through the audition.

But will you?

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