moon, stars, granola bars and the blues brothers…

blues brothers bob and stars

I had stars in my eyes once… they really burn.  Feels like you have someone’s toe tapping under your eyelid.

Frank made a reference to the movie The Blues Brothers in this cartoon.  For those of you who are woefully unfamiliar with this masterpiece of cinematic platinum, click the link to get educated.  Once you do that, seek out this movie as if you were a hobbit on a quest.  Actually, it shouldn’t be that hard to find it.  Once you watch it, send me an email to thank me for sending you on that quest.  For those of you who HAVE seen this movie (multiple times, I’ll assume) your head is nodding in agreement with every word I have written.  Nothing else needs to be said.

Except that this movie has something for everyone.  Violence, car chases, music, car chases, redemption, car chases, religion, car chases, comedy, car chases, love, car chases, drama, car chases, Aretha Franklin, car chases… everything.

Sooner or later, Frank will get tired of the helmet thing and move onto something else.  I’m assuming by the next Summer Olympics, but I’ve been known to be wrong before.  Hopefully, the plans to go to the moon will still be in the planning stages.

Go watch The Blues Brothers.

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