i have a crate of the Mondays…


I’m not like that orange cat… I don’t hate Mondays.  I really don’t.

Some have called this “having a case of the Mondays. ”  Nah, I think I’m beyond the case and working on at least 3 or 4 cases.

I loathe them.  Hate may be a strong word but it doesn’t even approach the feet of how much I detest Mondays.  Loathe might even be stretching it.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I actually had a job.   Boy…

For those of you out there seeing this at work today, I appreciate all you do and sympathize for you having to do it on a Monday.  If I wore a hat, It would be tipped to you.  If I had a neck, I would bow.  I would… honest.

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