problems, solutions and a speckled cube…

problems, solutions & a speckled cube

Solutions are only needed if you have problems.  If you don’t have any problems, you’re not real.

I had a Rubik’s cube once.  It was given to me as a present.  You may well wonder, “Who would give a squirrel a Rubik’s cube?” You would be right to wonder that… because I AM a squirrel and that’s EXACTLY what I was wondering.

It comes in a box with the puzzle already solved.  You have to mess it all up real good.  Then, put it back the way you found it.  Pure genius.  You buy something, intentionally mess it up and then try and un-mess it up.  I wish I was able to get in on that concept.  I’m sure many a cube wound up in the landfill because of the frustration involved in un-messing it up.

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