end of the world commentary…

screwed commentary
Commentary is boring.  Ordinarily, I like to keep my commentary as lengthy as possible… for those of you out there that haven’t the access to proper sleep medication.  I design my words so that by the fifth droning paragraph you’re ready to count sheep…or whatever you want to count… squirrels even.

It doesn’t look good, but it never really has.  The world has been ending the day after it began.  Even earlier than that depending on who you ask.  So I figure this… if we already know without question that we’re screwed, the pressure is off.  I know this sounds a bit fatalistic coming from the mind of a cartoon squirrel…but hey, what are you gonna do?  Stock up on kerosene, canned water, saltines and build an underground bomb shelter by the side of your backyard deck?  What about those that don’t have decks?  Or backyards? If the world truly is going to end, what is that going to do?  So you last until Thursday when everyone else cashed on on Wednesday… it’s not like you’re going to be able to gloat about it… who’s going to hear you?

I also know that the latest prediction is December 21, 2012.  Thought I’d get some feedback before the end.  Yes, I am an attention hog… deal with it… anyway, if the prediction is true, you won’t have to deal with it for very long anyway…

I have a really bad headache now.

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