the logic of complaining…

logic of complaining

I love to complain.  Logic tells me that I shouldn’t either complain or like to complain, but you all know what my deal is with logic.

Even if I know how to do something, I like to complain…mostly because I think if I know how to do it, then everyone should know.  That being said, if everyone knows how to do it, then why should I even bother learning?  I was not given the gift (or curse) of infinite brain storage capacity… the real estate in there is pretty precious and way too pricy for any run of the mill, mundane data.

If I learn something new, that means that something has to be purged.  I don’t like that.  Just the other day Frank taught me how to empty the shavings out of his electric pencil sharpener… not that it was a complicated procedure or anything.  Still don’t know why he can’t do it…

Anyway… I got the steps down, with minimal shavings spillage (say that three times fast with a marshmallow in your mouth).  In doing so, my brain had to purge something.

I have forgotten all of the lyrics to the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song… thanks to logic, Frank and my limited storage.


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