being correct with all the bells and whistles…

being right

Have you ever just known something was going to turn out the way you thought it would?  That, despite all other talk, your prediction was correct…you felt it was going to be right, you knew it was going to be right and you’d stake almost anything on being correct?

Then it all came true…

and you felt like the yucky, slimy stuff that forms under a pile of raked leaves after a long rain?

Being correct about something has a whole list of side effects that may cause more discomfort than being wrong.

Don’t tell me you haven’t ever been there.  That place where you wished you weren’t right because the reality of the outcome is just bad… just bad.  Being right hasn’t benefited you in any way other than you can say you were right.

Might be easier to not say anything and be surprised like everyone else.

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