imagination without motivation…

imagination motivation

An idea with imagination but no motivation is a ghost.  If you believe it, you can see it… but if you don’t believe then you just have to watch the next episode of Scooby Doo.  I watch Frank write over and over in his little black notebooks ideas that come from out of nowhere.  98% of those ideas are horrible.  (his words, not mine) He has to keep writing to set a standard…to know what is good and workable… and what will need to be forgotten once its documented.  You need to know where not to go so you don’t end up going there again.

That’s imagination.  The ability to see it all, but only use a tiny bit.  If he wasn’t motivated to bring those notebook scribbles out, why bother scribbling in the first place?  Save the trees and the ink.  Thinking you can do more with what’s there also plays a big part.  Starting something and realizing that it may not look like you thought, keeping an open mind along the way to augment your vision if it needs it is important too.

This isn’t rocket science y’all… it’s art.

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