…the exact moment of caring less…


I want to savor that moment… that pinpointed moment of caring less.  In a way, it would be a moment of sheer liberation… like i got out of the maze and my only choice of direction was that there was not choice.  I could do anything, go anywhere and all I had to do was let go.  Erase my thoughts and live for a moment.  One solitary moment.

It would only last a second before it was something that happened to me in the past.  5 minutes from that moment I would reminisce about the good old days… when I didn’t care and didn’t want to care.  10 minutes for that moment, the memory would start to get all fuzzy.  After 15 minutes, I have the fuzziness with the added color of a soundtrack… what song I was listening to that defined my squirrel generation.  20 minutes, who cares… it’s over… the fuzziness has faded to black, the song is over and I’m pining over not having another moment.

Yes, this is my life.  Welcome.

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