sticks and stones, names and bones…

sticks and stones

I never understood how sticks and stones could hurt more than words.  That is utter garbage.  Yes, sticks and stones can do a ton of physical damage…broken bones, blood vessels, concussions, contusions all that.  But words will never hurt me?  I contend that words are even worse… True, I can’t recall ever hearing or seeing an instance when a word took someone out or put someone in the hospital…but I’ve seen hundreds of cases where the actions stemming from a word did that.

Think about it.  A word is a smart bomb.  A drone for the mind.  A word could get planted in your brain by a bully when you were in the third grade.  The word sat there, rolling around in your head, aging as you’ve aged.  Maybe you forget about it entirely.  If that’s the case, you won.  But what if you haven’t forgotten about it?  It’s a foreign body slowly leaking its poison into your system…making you truly believe things that aren’t true…turning you into that word against your better judgement.  A word can be a virus…ruining your life.

To me that’s way worse than a stick or a stone.  Don’t YOU think so?

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