bad habits and the squirrel…

bad habits

I have some bad habits.

Okay, I’m lying… I have a BUSLOAD of bad habits.

The one that is the worst (at this moment) is knuckle cracking.  I crack my knuckles  almost constantly.  I know I shouldn’t do this and I can already tell that a lifetime of cracking is starting to take it’s toll.  It’s just a little bit harder to climb a tree limb than it used to be.  At one time I climbed as though my hands were magnets.  Light as a feather as as fast as a… something that moves really, really fast.  Now, my fingers are stiff…like unsharpened pencils.  Granted, I never did much climbing before…but when I did it was fast baby… fast.

But good habits are hard too.  They’re easy to start… ask the piles of new gym memberships in January… but really hard to maintain… just ask the gym memberships in March.  There has to be a happy medium in all of this habit stuff…

If you have a clue, let a stiffening finger squirrel know.

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