going viral… without any chicken soup

going viral

What power does talent have anymore when you can just go viral?  Those two little magic words that can either make you or get you what you wished for.  Either of those things has the potential to ruin your life, make you known for something you’ll have to repeat over and over and over… and the REAL stink of it is, it’ll probably only happen once and within a few days, you’ll be forgotten…relegated to the bottom of the other viral patients.

Why do we strive to be famous?  Money? Attention? Am I missing something?  What else is there that is attached with the notion of famous?  Seems to me it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

And before you think it… it’s not sour grapes.  It’s not sour anything.  The more and more I sit in this tree the more and more I see.  Things have patterns, ebbs and flows… it’s never always even.  Sometimes the valleys are a lot deeper than the peaks.  Sometimes, the patterns begin and end in the valleys.

Would it be nice to not have to worry about certain things?  Absolutely.  But, you’re always going to worry about something.  What’s that?  You now have so much money that you never ever have to worry about it?  That’s cool… but if I were you, I’d now worry about who is watching all that money that you don’t have to worry about.  See? One worry is transplanted into another.

So go ahead, get famous by going viral.  It’ll be the toughest cold you ever catch.

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