Self-confidence and squirrel pride…



Self-confidence is a great trait to have.  I have more a tendency to get it like someone would get a cold.  It’s not something that is a permanent part of my biology, but I do tend to catch it one to three times a year.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a self-confidence based on something genuine or a fake-ish, psyche-yourself-up-to-do-something-that-terrifies-the-kidneys out of you self-confidence.  Believe it or not, the fake one seems to last longer than the genuine.  Either way, it’s a great feeling… you feel more than yourself, like you can eat nails and break houses into matchsticks.

One has to be extremely careful with this power.  Confidence is attractive, but it treads a fine line between nice and jerkdom.  An overly confident person gets pushed, or rather pushes themselves into that territory.  I, on the other hand, can bypass that altogether… everybody loves a talking squirrel… confident or not.


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