what achieving balance really means…

achieving balance

I spend a lot of time in the branches of trees.  I don’t necessarily like hanging out in trees, it’s mostly a biological thing.  I also spend a lot of time balancing on power lines.  Without attention to my balance, I can easily turn hanging out into squirrel pie.

From way up here, you get the entire picture.  I see things that no one else can see.  I can see a lot of things you don’t think anyone sees you doing.  I see decisions made, both good and not so good… I see progress and retreat, beginnings and conclusions.  Through it all, I have to maintain my balance.

I see the big picture, but the details… those pesky little things… not so clear… more on that in another post.

There are a million self-help thingies out there that say balance is the key.  Without balance, all is chaos.  I say the easiest way to find your balance is to put something important at stake.  If there is a chance you could lose that something you’d be amazed how fast that elusive balance will show itself.

Balance is a good foundation… in my case, it’s my tail.  For the longest time I hated my tail.  It followed me wherever I went.  The only time it was really useful was when I couldn’t find a napkin.  I never realized how important that thing was to my balance… until one day when I almost became squirrel pie.  I learned pretty quick…and I’m still learning.

Find balance… or become squirrel pie.  It’s that simple.

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